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Dr. Satiskumar Patel, Board-Certified Family Physician
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About Dr. Satiskumar Patel

Dr. Patel graduated from Leeds Medical School, UK, in 1994. He was trained as an emergency room physician initially, where his duties were to train new doctors in the ER. After three years of training, he became a family physician, where he could take better care of the patients he looked after. He was a trainer at Bradford Vocational Training Scheme in the UK.

Dr. Patel left England in 2001 and started his third residency in the US in Jackson, MS. He completed his residency in 2004 and became board-certified.

Upon completing his residency, Dr. Patel worked in the ER at Carthage, MS, and the on-site clinic at the Nissan plant. He later moved to Texas to be closer to his brother in Houston. Dr. Patel established THS Medical Clinic in February 2006. Call us at 936-258-4920 to schedule an appointment.

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If you are a Certified Medical Assistant (MA) or a Certified Medical Office Specialist (MOS), and are interested in working with THS Medical Clinic, please submit your resume to:

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